Mar. 06.

Upcoming Webinar – Session 3 of 4 – Manifestation Through The Cycle Of Creation


Coming up on March 9th 2013, at 5:00 pm Pacific time, Session #2 of the Webinar Series Manifestation Through the Cycle Of Creation will be presented. Originally intended to be just two hour session, this session has been extended to 3 hours and 20 minutes of never before revealed content. As for the previous session, this session as well is complementary for all registered students of the Multiversity of Genetics Of Divinity. All students must have received the Webinar registration link at this time.

If you are not yet a student of the Multiversity of Genetics Of Divinity and want to attend these webinars, you may want to consider registering as a student by clicking here, and follow the registration process described there. All of these webinars and over 20 hours of video/audio coaching content is free for all students of the Multiversity.

Here’s a preview of what this second session is all about.

The remainder of this content is accessible to registered students of the Multiversity only. Admission to this Level of the Multiversity in order to access the content is by your enrollment only. If you are interested to access the remainder of this content please visit our member registration page and complete the steps. We thank you for your interest and look forward to assist you in the reactivation of the code of the Genetics Of Divinity in your subconscious mind which would provide you with the guidance in your life experience to enjoy unbounded delight. Education Coordinator - Genetics of Divinity

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  • Is there a link for the 4th webinar? Did I miss it in my inbox? I don’t see a post here yet

    • Robbie, I don’t see you in the Multiversity email list yet, which is why you are missing out on those emails. I will send that link to you in a separate email. Please use that link to formally register into the Multiversity mailing list and you will get all those emails without any problems

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